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Metal Roofing Solutions in Brandon, MS

At Sanders and Sanders Roofing, we are dedicated to providing top-quality metal roofing solutions to our clients in Brandon Mississippi and the surrounding areas. With over 40 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading Roofing Contractor in the industry. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. From metal roofing installations to repairs and maintenance, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Upgrade your home with the durability and elegance of our Metal Roofing Solutions. Contact us today to bring your roofing vision to life!


Experience Quality Roofing

Immerse yourself in the unique blend of heritage and modernity that Sanders & Sanders Roofing offers throughout Brandon, MS. From the quaint, cobblestone streets of historic Downtown Brandon, rich in its Civil War-era past, to the serene, tree-lined avenues of Crossgates, our metal roofing solutions are as diverse as the city itself. We take pride in enhancing and preserving the architectural integrity of each neighborhood. Picture your home near the Shiloh Park & Splash Pad, boasting a sleek, energy-efficient metal roof, or imagine the elegant, rustic appeal of a metal roof on a cottage by the Brandon Amphitheater. Our roofing not only complements your home’s style but also offers unmatched durability against the Mississippi weather, from humid summers to unpredictable storms. Visit our gallery to see how we've transformed homes near the Rankin County Historical Society Museum, and let us guide you in choosing the perfect metal roof to add both protection and aesthetic value to your property. With Sanders & Sanders, expect a service steeped in local expertise and a commitment to quality that resonates with every shingle we lay.

The Metal Roof Advantage in Brandon

Coping with the intense Mississippi summer sun can be a challenge for any homeowner in Brandon, but our metal roofs are designed to offer superior protection while maintaining efficiency. The reflective properties of our metal roofing not only defend against the relentless summer heat, but they also contribute to lower cooling costs, a must for any home in the Brandon area. Just imagine how well your home could stay cool.

Moreover, when gusty storms roll in from the Gulf, typical in areas around the Ross Barnett Reservoir, our metal roofs stand strong. The resilience of our metal roofing solutions is unmatched, offering a reliable shield against heavy rain, high winds, and hail - common weather challenges in the Brandon region. 

Additionally, the sleek aesthetic of our metal roofs complements the diverse architectural styles found in Brandon. We offer a range of metal roofing colors and styles, perfect for any home aesthetic, be it a classic Southern charm or a contemporary look.


Customized for Our Community

Every metal roof we install is chosen to suit the unique character of each Brandon residence. From classic hues to vibrant metal roofing colors, find the perfect match for your home's architecture. 

Installation By Brandon's Finest

Trust in the skilled hands of Sanders & Sanders Roofing, a team that respects your time and property as much as you do, ensuring a seamless and tidy installation process.

Testimonials From Your Neighbors

Teresa K. - Brandon MS

"They made the process  better in selection of product and meeting my needs.  All timelines were met to include the delivery of product and completion of job. Excellent job in cleanup after service. And a final walk through to ensure overall customer satisfaction.  I have referred them to others already and will continue.  I appreciate  their professionalism and wish they offered more services."
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