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Roofing Products Review: Only Use The Top Brand Roofing Materials

Updated: Jan 16

Standing seam metal roofing vs slate roofs vs asphalt shingles - which comes out on top?
Standing seam metal roofing vs slate roofs vs asphalt shingles - which comes out on top?

"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." So said the 35th POTUS himself, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. A great bit of advice to live by in life as well as in roof repair. Too often, people wait until they have a roof leak or some other roofing emergency to start thinking about roof repair or replacement. But by then, it's often too late.

That's why it is important to understand the different types of roofing materials available on the market. Doing so will save you from headaches and worry when it's time to replace your roof. And it can also inform you if your current roof will be up to the job for many years to come.

We've written before about how the roof is one of the most integral aspects of your home. It protects you and your family from the elements, keeps your home insulated, and can even affect your home's resale value. But what many people don't realize is that not all roofing materials are created equal. In this roofing products review, we'll take a look at three of the most popular roofing materials on the market: metal roofing, slate roofing, and asphalt roofing. We'll also discuss the importance of using only the top roofing brands to ensure that your roof will stand the test of time.

Main types of roofing materials

Asphalt composite shingles offer many benefits over built up roofing
Asphalt composite shingles offer many benefits over built up roofing

Built up roofing

Built up roofing (BUR) is a roofing system composed of multiple layers of roofing felt and asphalt that is hot mopped or cold applied to the roof deck. Built up roof systems are one of the most durable roof systems available. They have been used on commercial roofs for over a century and can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. However, built up roof systems are not without their drawbacks. They are heavy, which can put stress on the roof deck and framing, and they are also susceptible to leaks if not installed properly.

Concrete tiles

One of the most durable roofing materials on the market, concrete roof tiles can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. They are also fire resistant and do not rot or decay like other roofing materials. However, concrete tiles are expensive, weighing as much as four times more than asphalt shingles. They are also difficult to install, which can add to the cost of roofing repairs.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing is by far the most popular roofing material on the market. It's affordable, easy to install, and has a lifespan of 20-30 years. However, it is not the most durable roofing material. It is susceptible to damage from high winds and can be damaged by hail or falling tree limbs.

Metal Roofing

The beauty of metal roofs is that they offer a lifetime of protection. A standing seam metal roof is extremely durable and can withstand the elements better than any other roofing material. It's also fire-resistant and energy-efficient. The only downside to a metal roof is that it's more expensive than asphalt roofing.

Slate Roofing

Durable and long-lasting, a slate roof can last 100 years or more. It's also fire-resistant and energy-efficient. However, slate roofing is extremely expensive and difficult to install.

The top brand of roofing materials

An asphalt roof is far more cost-effective per square foot than slate shingles or metal shingles, but not as durable
An asphalt roof is far more cost-effective per square foot than slate shingles or metal shingles, but not as durable

Now it is time to turn our attention to discussing the top roofing brand on the market and what makes it the best. There are many roofing brands out there that claim to be the best, but only one can truly lay claim to that title: GAF roofing.

GAF roofing is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America and has been in business for over 135 years. They offer a wide variety of roofing products, including shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, and more. They also offer a wide range of roofing accessories, such as ventilation products and underlayment.

What sets GAF roofing apart from the competition is its commitment to quality. All of their roofing products are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your roof will be protected for years to come.

When it comes to choosing a roofing brand, it is important to choose one that has a long history of quality and excellence. And there is no roofing brand that fits that description better than GAF roofing.

Let's take a look at some of the premier products GAF provides to roofing contractors and homeowners:

Timberline® UHD Shingles

The Timberline® HDZ Shingles from GAF are some of the most popular shingles on the market. They're designed to provide your home with maximum protection against the elements.

They feature a unique High Definition® Lifetime (HDZ) design that makes them look like real wood shingles. But unlike real wood shakes, the Timberline® HDZ Shingles are extremely durable and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. With innovative algae-fighting properties, these shingles will also keep your roof looking newer for longer.

The Timberline® HDZ Shingles are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect shade to complement your home's exterior. Here are a few tips to get to best color for your home.

Made from a fiberglass-asphalt construction and backed by a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that these GAF shingles will protect your roof and your home for many years to come.

TruSlate® - Genuine Slate Roofing

For a roof that will last a lifetime, look no further than the TruSlate® Genuine Slate Roofing from GAF. Slate is a premium roofing material that has been used for centuries on some of the finest properties across North America. This GAF roofing product is a genuine, hand-split S1-Grade slate. It is both light-weight yet durable, and won't curl up or warp over time as some synthetic imitations can. The TruSlate Premium Roofing System offers beauty and charm that increases with age and is available in a variety of colors and textures to suit any taste. If you're looking for a high-quality roofing material that will add value and curb appeal to your home, TruSlate is the real deal.

Final thoughts

Not all roofing brands are created equal. GAF represents the gold standard in roofing materials and products. With a commitment to supplying advanced roofing materials and superior customer service, GAF sets the standard that other roofing brands aspire to be.

At Sanders and Sanders Roofing, we only use and recommend GAF roofing materials because we understand that, when it comes to protecting your home and your family, a roof is only as good as the materials it is made from as well as the craftsmanship of the roofing contractor.

When you're ready to roof your home or commercial property, trust only the best in roofing materials and installation. With over 40 years experience, Sanders and Sanders Roofing are GAF-certified roofing specialists who can install your new roof quickly and reliably so you get to feel safe in your home again. Not only will we make sure your roof is installed correctly, but we’ll do so using only the highest quality roofing products available on the market today. Schedule a free consultation today.

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