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What To Do When Your Roof Has Storm Damage

The roof restoration process after a storm can vary from one roofing company to the next. Because Sanders & Sanders Roofing is GAF Certified, we prefer to use the steps recommended by GAF. Below are the steps provided by

  1. The contractor will do an initial inspection to assess the damage that's occurred. 

  2. If there is damage, the contractor will encourage the homeowner to file a claim with their insurance company. 

  3. An insurance adjuster and the contractor will meet at the property again and do an assessment together. Note: It's really important that they do the assessment together to ensure that all of the damage is identified. 

  4. Once the claim is approved, the contractor will meet with the homeowner to go over the options and choose the right type of materials for the job. 

  5. The roof replacement or repair is then scheduled.

  6. The contractor will submit all the completion paperwork to the insurance company, and this will certify that the work is completed. 

  7. Once the insurance company verifies that that work is completed, then they will issue payment. 

Important tip: Make sure the roofing contractor is there to meet your adjuster to help make sure all damage is identified.

Sanders & Sanders Roofing proudly serves Mississippi in the Jackson Metro area as well as the entire Mississippi coast. Let us bring our 30+ years of experience and 5-star ratings to help you start the process to fix your storm damage.

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