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Why Your Roofing Contractor Needs To Pull A Permit. Not You!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

More and more, we're seeing young unlicensed companies storm chasing in efforts to pick up some extra money from unsuspecting homeowners. We were once a smaller company, so we understand how difficult it is to start out. However, these companies are asking homeowners to pull a permit before they start working. 😳 😳 And when this happens, the homeowner acts as the general contractor of the roofing project and is therefore liable for the work the fledgling roofers are doing. This is a huge red flag and definitely something that needs some attention. First, let's answer some questions about permits.

What Is A Permit?

After the contractor finishes the job, a permit ensures a city inspector will come to your home, verifying that the installation meets all city codes. City Inspectors are experts and know what exactly to look for to ensure your roof is a quality installation.

Why Are Permits Important?

In short, having your contractor apply for a building permit will safeguard you, the homeowner, against any errors found in a failed inspection. As long a the contractor applied, the permit will hold them accountable to fix their mistakes, therefore saving you a lot of money in the process.

Homes specific to the Gulf Coast have certain materials and ratings they must adhere to in order to pass inspection by the city. For example, a 3-tab shingle is not allowed on homes along the coast due to wind ratings. Also, another big regulation along the coast is taking into account the homes that are in a FEMA declared Flood Zone. In certain cases, there are stipulations on spending that would devastate homeowners if the spent too much money on improving their flood-zoned home without elevating it first. If your roofing contractor isn't familiar with these guidelines, it may be time to move to one who does. You'll be glad you did.

The Permitting Process

Who can apply for a permit?

The homeowner or a licensed contractor can apply for a building permit.

The most common reason for a company to ask the homeowner to pull the permit is that they do no have a state license and therefore cannot legally pull a permit.

Who is responsible?

After the work is finished, the builder will notify the city of the completed work and the city will come and inspect the work. Ultimately, the person or company that pulled the permit is responsible for the outcome of the inspection. A failed inspection from the city simply means that one or more elements of the city’s building code has not been met, and must be corrected before the city approves the work completed.

What does a permit cost?

The average cost of a permit is approximately $100 but keep in mind that the cost varies city by city, by size of the job, and what work is being performed.

Sanders and Sanders Roofing Includes Applicable Permits in Every Estimate

Sanders and Sanders Roofing is licensed, bonded, and insured, so you know that we are doing things right. If a job requires a permit for roof replacement, we will include the cost of the permit in your estimate. When you have us replace your roof you don't need to think about permits at all. We’ll determine if they are necessary, pull them if they are, and take care of all the paperwork. All you have to think about is the final estimate.

Sanders & Sanders Roofing proudly serves the entire coast throughout Mississippi and Alabama as well as the Jackson, MS Metro area. Let us bring our 30+ years of experience and 5-star ratings to help you start the process to feel safe in your home again.

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